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TransFormers 30 Generations Takara Tomy Armada Starscream Japanese Version Rare


Vintage Hasbro Transformers White Car Takara Racing 1987 EXTREMELY RARE


1985 Bandai Robo Machine Robot Helicopter Figure Red Transformers Rare


Optimus Prime 3D Deco light ' Transformers in excellent condition rare

Optimus Prime 3D Deco Light ' Transformers In Excellent Condition Rare

1 bidsTime Left:40mpostage: $9.00Location: US


TRANSFORMERS 1 2 3 & 4 rare Dvd Quadrilogy set MARK WAHLBERG Shia Labeouf


Vintage 1985 Transformers RARE Big Looker Story Book HASBRO Hard to Find


Transformers Beast Wars Blackarachnia McDonalds Happy Meal 2000 Rare Find Nice


Transformers Beast Machines TANKOR Complete McDonald's Happy Meal Toy RARE

Transformers Beast Machines Tankor Complete Mcdonald's Happy Meal Toy Rare

0 bidsTime Left:1h 52mpostage: $3.99Location: US


Transformers #5 Rattrap McDonalds Beast Machines Takara Happy Meal 2000 Rare


Transformers Beast Machines 2000 McDonalds Nightscream Action figure Toy RARE


Japanese Transformers Q Robo Super Deformed Optimus and Soundwave figures RARE!


AUDIO CRAFT TS-20 Step Up Transformer MC Phono Cartridge USED JAPAN AC-3000 RARE


#37 RARE Blitzwing Red Decoy Hasbro Vintage 1987 G1 Transformers Action Figure


#52 RARE RED Reflector Decoy Hasbro Vintage 1987 G1 Transformers Action Figure


Vintage Unknown Transformers Action Figure Toy Purple Black Yellow Antennas Rare


Swerve Transformers Alternators #15 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 2005 Hasbro Rare


Purchase Swerve Transformers Alternators #15 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 2005 Hasbro Rare



Hasbro 1986 Transformers Sandstorm AFA 85/85/90 -SEALED-WOW! RARE METAL FEET


The Transformers are alien robots from the planet Cybertron, who can transform into machines to disguise themselves. There are two races of the transformers: the autobots and the decepticons. The autobots are good transformers whose leader is Optimus Prime – other autobots include bumblebee, Jazz, Ironhide and Ratchett. The autobots battle against the evil decepticons who are lead by Megatron. Starscream is second in command who is assisted by Frenzy, Bonecrusher and Barricade. The transformers film was released in 2007 and stars Shia LaBeouf. In the film the Autobots are searching for the All Spark so they can rebuild Cybertron. The Decepticons want the All Spark so they can rule the universe. Transformers toys were first made in 1984 and popular items include clothes, pyjamas, comics, and models.

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